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Event info:

The Cup Piedechinche-Atmoxfera, has a tradition of 17 years in Colombia, This year climatic conditions promise many kilometers in the competition.
The club Hacones de Cali and the Organization Cup Piedechinche-Atmoxfera reminds them of the invitation to the federated pilots to participate in the 17th 2021 Open FAI 2 Cup to be held from august 9 to 16, 2021.

La copa Piedechinche-Atmoxfera, tiene una tradición de 16 años en Colombia, Este año las condiciones climáticas prometen muchos kilómetros en la competencia.

El club Hacones de Cali y la Organización Copa Piedechinche-Atmoxfera, les recuerda la invitación a todos los pilotos colombianos para participación en la 17ava Copa de 2021 Open FAI 2 a realizarse los días 9 al 16 de agosto de 2021

2021 Copa Piedechinche Atmoxfera Open

El Cerrito, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
9 Aug to 16 Aug 2019

Event ID: 12xxx
Event classification: Second Category Event
Type of event: Other
Disciplines / Task Styles:
Cross Country

Flying site

Pie de Chinche is located in El Cerrito mountains in Cordillera Occidental between Cali and Tulua. While flying you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Valle de Cauca fields surrounding river Cauca and it's numerous tributaries.
The take off Pie de Chinche is situated not far from the creek of El Cerrito and the Hacienda Pie de Chinche famous for its Museum of Cane.
The place offers a fine flying with ceiling of up to 2700 m ASL and prevailing south winds.

Take offs:

- 2080 m ASL, 3°38'47" (3.64662)N; 76°10'10" (76.1697)W

- 1765 m ASL - N 03 38 47.7 W 076 10 11.0 (3.646493, -76.169775)
The launch ground is a spacious grassy slope. Connected by a dirt road.

Nearest landing - 1171 m ASL , N 3°37'25", W 76°11'40" (3.62375, 76.1947)
While flying one must observe airspace restrictions of Cali and Tulua airports.

Selection and entry fee

Registration Fee: Colombian Pilots $ 450,000 pesos
Foreigners: 160 US dollars
Consignment in savings account Bancolombia
Number: 30375284357
Owner: Daniel Vallejo

The entry fee includes:
• Transport to take-off
• Retrieve
• Lunch packet
• T-shirts, maps and other gadgets
• Medical emergency services
• Price giving
* Transportation and retrive: All participants will have transportation to take off and pick up on the main routes following the routes programmed for each test.

60 places reserved to the Colombia pilots.
Costo Inscripción: Pilotos Colombianos $450.000 pesos
Extranjeros: 160 US dolares
Consignación en la cuenta de ahorros Bancolombia
Número: 30375284357
Titular: Daniel Vallejo

* Transporte: Se tendrá a disposición de todos los participantes transporte al despegue y recogida sobre las vías principales siguiendo las rutas programadas para cada prueba.

Prize fund and scoring categories

OPEN 1, 2, 3
SPORT 1, 2, 3
SERIAL 1,2,3
FEMALE 1, 2, 3
TEAMS 1, 2, 3

OPEN 1, 2, 3
SPORT 1, 2, 3
SERIAL 1,2,3
FEMENINO 1, 2, 3
TEAMS 1, 2, 3

General schedule

August 8 - 2021: Training Day and Registration
August 9 to 16: Days of competition
August  17: Awards

09:00 - 16:00 - Official Registration and equipment inspection
16:30 - 19:30 - Mandatory Safety Briefing
20:30 - Opening ceremony

Agosto 8 Dia de entrenamiento e Inscripciones
Agosto 9 al 16: Días de competencia
Agosto 17: Premiación

Daily schedule

07:00 - Claims and display of official results
07:30 - general briefing at headquarters
08:00 - Transport to take-off site
10:00 - Informative takeoff meeting
10:30 - Start of take-off
16:30 - Delivery of the GPS
19:00 - Publication of provisional results

07:00 - Reclamaciones y visualización de los resultados oficiales
07:30 - sesión informativa general en la sede
08:00 - El transporte al sitio de despegue
10:00 - Reunión informativa en el despegue
10:30 - Inicio de despegue
16:30 - Entrega de los gps
19:00 - Publicacion de los resultados provisionales

Accommodation and Activities

Tel wapp: 310 5006274 - +57 316 7558648
E-mail: siga.lavaca@hotmail.com

How to get here

Transporte terrestre terminal transportes Cali, Coodetrans Palmira Versalles El Placer, taxi sede Siga la vaca Santa elena https://goo.gl/maps/Wbo7 y
En Avion: bus desde el aeropuerto, primer piso, ruta Palmira, terminal, luego bus hasta El Placer, tomar taxi sede Siga la vaca Santa elena

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