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Event info:

The Cup Piedechinche-Atmoxfera, has a tradition of 18 years in Colombia, This year climatic conditions promise many kilometers in the competition.
The club Halcones de Cali and the Organization Cup Piedechinche-Atmoxfera reminds them of the invitation to the federated pilots to participate in the 18th 2021 Open FAI 2 Cup to be held from 13-20-Agu- 2022.

Entry Fee is € 2134
•    $600.000 COP  



Pilots must have an insurance with a coverage for paragliding in Colombia, the pilots must verify the validity of their insurance administered by the government or private company in the country where the competition takes place (El Cerrito-Valle del Cauca- COLOMBIA).

Requirements for participants (pilots)

- Valid FAI pilot license
- Flying equipment: Wing, harness, rescue, helmet, radio, GPS (All the equipment must be in perfect conditions)
- Mobile phone (Smartphone) with active Colombian number and fully internet access (for live tracking) - Airtribune APP downloaded into your smartphone
- Radio
- External power (battery) units for recharging cell phones
- Paid registration fee.
- Complete registration form filled before comp starts
- Accept and Respect local valid regulations and laws.
- Medical insurance. With coverage for paragliding practice in Colombia. Must present contract copy . If pilot does not have this insurance, it must be purchased locally.

The entry fee includes:

- Shirt
- Waypoint list
- Transportation from Roldanillo to the take off
- Retrieve on main roads for daily tasks
- Daily snack and hydration
- Map

Daniel Vallejo Rivas

General Director
Av 6 AN 23-87 Cali Colombia
Tel: +57 300 43 96 101

Avenida 6an No. 23n-87
Tel: 3004396101

Parapente Cali
Parapente Cali
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